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more new merchandise posted!! these are all *coming soon*

who’s excited?!?!!? XD

I wish they would have made the merch not so childish. The Sailor Moon fan base is mostly older people (15-25), not little kids.

no it’s fucking not
Sailor Moon aired originally as a children’s show, will be re-airing as a children’s show, and this merchandise is aimed at the new fans the re-airing will bring, not older people who are already fans of the series (though they will doubtless be interested).
No offense or anything, but to say that a children’s show shouldn’t release “childish” merchandise is just ridiculous. Take off the rose-tinted glasses for a second.
Not to mention that I can’t see how this merchandise is particularly childish? Adults can’t use draw-string bags or wear wristbands? Compared to the miles and miles of dolls + plush toys that are usually released, these seem pretty practical.

and once again new zealand misses out on everything